Couple propose beach wedding as ‘vacation’ for guests

A couple has dreamed of a beach wedding, but Carolyn Hax notes that dreams may leave loved ones, who can't afford a tropical trip, out in the cold.



October 28, 2022 - 2:13 PM

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Dear Carolyn: My girlfriend of four years and I are in the preliminary stages of planning our wedding. We want a unique wedding, but nothing large or showy; we want our important family members there; and we want to make the decisions when it comes to most details.

We both have always dreamed of having our wedding on the beach. We moved to Florida one year ago so I could attend graduate school. We both come from a town in Michigan, where all her family and most of mine still live.

I would love to have family and friends come down for several days. Why have an ordinary wedding when we can really be creative and make this an especially memorable event for everyone involved?

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