Ex is mad I’m dating his friend

A chance encounter with an ex-husband's friend has led to a series of dates — as well as hurt feelings and confusion about whether the new relationship should continue.



January 17, 2023 - 2:39 PM

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We asked readers to channel their inner Carolyn Hax and answer this question. Some of the best responses are below.

Dear Carolyn: My ex-husband “Jim” and I started dating in college, got married a few years later and divorced two years ago. The relationship lasted about 15 years. The divorce was a mutual decision, and we remain friends. I know he’s dated frequently since our divorce, while I haven’t as much because I was focusing on my career, and I just haven’t met anyone interesting.

A couple of weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend. At the gate, I bumped into “Ben,” one of Jim’s roommates from college. Ben asked me where Jim was, and I explained about the divorce. We sat together on the flight and ended up spending the whole weekend together and had so much fun. I know from Jim that Ben is something of a player and figured it would “stay in Vegas.” When I got home and uploaded travel photos to my Instagram, Jim messaged me to ask about Ben and if I went with him. I said it was a coincidence, we met on the flight and then just hung out. He said that was too bad, since I haven’t dated anyone in so long.

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