Husband is more at fault than decluttering in-laws

Busy working mom doesn't have time to organize or donate all the things her in-laws give away. It's time her husband helps out.



May 1, 2020 - 3:08 PM

Dear Carolyn: I am a working mother (full-time-plus) with two kids. I have nearby in-laws trying to declutter their house. Lately they keep sending my husband home with various books, hand-me-down toys, puzzles, etc., for our kids. These items are piling up in the car, as he places them there without my knowledge. My husband continues to take these items despite the fact I have asked him to discontinue doing so. He doesn’t want to upset his parents.

A month ago our whole family was visiting the in-laws (at six feet distance) and I politely told my in-laws, “No, thank you” to the latest bag. While there again more recently (again at a distance), the first thing my in-laws did before even saying hello was try to give me some boxes of old Legos. I told them again, “We are also trying to declutter. Thanks for the thought though.”

My husband was so angry at me and accused me of being thoughtless, cold and hurtful to his parents. He thinks I should have been gracious, taken it and thrown it out or donated it without my in-laws knowing anything of it.

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