Is he overly critical, or is she overly sensitive?



December 8, 2021 - 9:50 AM

Dear Carolyn: When my husband believes I am doing something in a way that could be done better or could result in a negative outcome, he might correct or assist me by taking action or telling me what I should do. I have been chafing under the assistance and corrections, and after our thoughtful discussion on this matter, I am left with a couple of questions:

How do I know whether my husband is nitpicking or whether I am being overly sensitive? How does the degree of negative consequences that might result from an action, and the frequency and delivery of the correction or assistance, impact this? — Nitpicker or Narcissist?

Nitpicker or Narcissist?: It’s actually three Ns: nitpicker, narcissist or neurodivergent.

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