Kids celebrate blueberry month

Visit to learn more about safely canning, drying, and freezing blueberries.



July 5, 2022 - 2:05 PM

Youth make blueberry muffins at the “Kids Cooking Camp” hosted by the Southwind Extension District this summer. COURTESY PHOTO

Did you know that July was blueberry month? I just finished my last session of kids’ cooking classes for the summer, and the whole wheat blueberry muffins were a fan favorite with the youth who participated. In addition to being delicious, blueberries are a source of vitamin C which is good for your brain and heart. They are also high in vitamin K, which helps your blood clot. Additionally, blueberries contain fiber which helps you feel full longer.

Blueberries are available in a variety of forms, including fresh, canned, dried, and frozen. If you are purchasing fresh blueberries, look for ones that are dry, firm, and plump. Avoid purchasing packages with moldy blueberries. If you purchase fresh blueberries, they should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within one to two weeks. Frozen blueberries should be consumed within eight months to a year for best quality.

According to the K-State Research and Extension “Buying Guide for Kansas-Grown Fruits and Vegetables,” blueberries are harvested in Kansas in July and early August (which matches perfectly with July being blueberry month). Keeping this in mind, blueberries purchased during this time can be preserved several ways to increase their shelf life. Like with any other food, the key to preserving blueberries safely is to use reliable and tested recipes and resources. One such resource is the National Center for Home Food Preservation. You can visit their website at to learn more about safely canning, drying, and freezing blueberries. If you are canning blueberries, remember that it is recommended to get your dial pressure gauge tested every year! You can get your dial pressure gauge tested for free at any of our four Southwind District office locations.

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