Meal-prep is driving wife bonkers

Domestic meal prep workload is already too much. Does she need to pay attention to her husband's wish list too?



August 11, 2020 - 10:49 AM

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Dear Carolyn: My husband is driving me crazy with food habits, obviously exacerbated because we now eat more of our meals at home. I do 100 percent of the cooking, which is fine because historically I like cooking and am really efficient. Our 4-year-old is very picky and our pediatrician encourages us to all eat the same meal, as it’s supposed to help her try new things, so I admit cooking is a lot less fun now that I’m balancing my desire for vegetable-heavy meals — to use up everything in our weekly farm-share — with my child’s desire to eat only meat, cheese and bread. I’ve been doing this successfully, in my opinion.

Now my husband has shared with me that he wants to eat less meat and dairy and waste less food because meat/dairy contribute to climate change. He repeatedly mentions this while doing things like snacking on the hot dogs and cheese I’ve saved to supplement toddler meals while the vegetarian stuffed peppers I made for him go bad in the fridge. I care about climate change, too — the farm-share is super eco-friendly even though it’s a lot of work! — but can I tell him if I’m cooking, then it’s my meal plan?

— Can I Stuff My Husband?

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