Searching for the Ultimate Lego Pieces



November 9, 2018 - 10:42 AM

Most kids like to play and build with Legos. Pieces can be assembled and connected in countless ways to construct vehicles, buildings, working robots, and more. If you?ve ever been to the Mall of America, you know the sky really is the limit.

But what are the equivalent Lego pieces for us? What are we made of? Do human ?Legos? differ than those which make up animals or plants? Scientist have been trying to find the answers to these questions.

All living and nonliving things around us, as well as the things very far away from us like stars or clouds, are all made up of stuff called matter.  In fact, anything that has mass and takes up space can be considered matter. Finding the fundamental building blocks of matter — the pieces of matter that make up everything from flowers to the galaxies ? is indeed an interesting and meaningful endeavor.

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