Support friend whose child is involved in scandal



October 25, 2019 - 3:45 PM

Hi, Carolyn: Recently a friend’s child posted a photo of themselves with an ethnic slur on social media. The photo went viral and I suspect there is significant fallout. I don’t have a child at her child’s school and know the mom through a different avenue.

Mom is a lovely person who seemed not to see her child was often churlish and badly behaved. Fortunately, I was able to avoid spending time with the child and focus on my friend.

Do I reach out to offer support? I am certain she is devastated by this. However, I don’t want to make it worse by checking in, as it will confirm the scandal has gone outside the school community. I also don’t want to call a mutual friend and seem like I am gossiping or trying to get more details. Ugh! — Concerned Friend

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