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July 2, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Local grain men this morning estimated that Allen County’s farmers have most of their wheat in the bin. They said local fields yielded an average of 30 bushels to the acre and put the value of the county’s crop at $1,400,000. The crop is one of the best in recent years.


Emerson Lynn, Jr. and associates announced today the purchase of the Bowie News, a weekly newspaper in Bowie, Texas. Lynn, who sold the Humboldt Union to Malcolm Higgins May 1, has been active in Kansas newspaper work since 1950. He has worked for the Wichita Beacon, the Topeka Bureau of the Associated Press and was editor and publisher of the Humboldt Union for five years. Lynn is now in Bowie where he assumed ownership of the News yesterday. His wife and their four children will remain in Humboldt until a house can be secured.

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