A look back in time



April 6, 2018 - 11:00 PM

HUMBOLDT — After 122 years of publication, The Humboldt Union weekly newspaper closed its doors. According to a report in this week’s Market Place News, Cindi Holinsworth, former production manager of The Union, said the business was officially closed March 29. The Union is owned by Bill Baker, former owner of the Pleasanton newspaper.

Annette Womack scored heavily among voters in Iola’s Fourth Ward and rode that advantage to a 644 to 600 victory over Tince Little in the race for Commissioner of Streets and Utilities. Womack became the first woman elected to the City Commission.

LAHARPE — Ron Helman resigned Wednesday night as mayor of LaHarpe because he and his family intend to move to Iola in about six weeks. Helman had been elected mayor a year ago for a four-year term. He served four years as a La-Harpe councilman before being elected mayor in 1987. Councilman Lawrence Riebel was appointed to fill the unexpired position of mayor.

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