Book-raiser program off to a quick start

USD 257 gets an update on Project Bookshelf, a program aimed at filling the library at the new Iola Elementary School. So far, the program has raised enough to buy 520 books, with a goal of at least 3,000.



February 23, 2021 - 9:19 AM

Iola High School sophomore Jesse Taylor performs parts of his district jazz band audition for USD 257 board members and administrators. Pictured from left is his mother, board member Jen Taylor, and Superintendent Stacey Fager. Photo by Vickie Moss / Iola Register

A program aimed at buying books to fill the library at the new Iola Elementary School has raised about $13,000 in its first two months, but that’s just a start.

That represents about 520 books, Becky Nilges, organizer of the Project Bookshelf fundraiser, said. 

She aims to raise significantly more, setting a goal to buy about 3,000 books. That’s about 10 percent of the new library’s capacity of 30,000 books. 

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