Businesses can support Earth Hour


March 22, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Earth Hour is a worldwide event where for one hour, on one day, one time a year, cities, businesses and individuals are asked to turn off their lights in an effort to promote awareness of the need to conserve the world’s resources. This year’s Earth Hour celebration will be at 8:30 p.m. Saturday.
In her efforts to promote Earth Hour, Iolan Abby Works is encouraging local citizens and Rotarians in a four-state area to get involved.
The Iola Rotary Club is hosting the Chanute Rotary Club for a candlelit wine and cheese social prior to Iola’s community Earth Hour celebration; the Humboldt Rotary Club is sponsoring a community “Go Dark” event, and the Bentonville/Bella Vista, Ark., Daybreak club is planning some Earth Hour activities.
The support of the business community is vital to the success of Earth Hour. Here are some suggestions on what your business can do to support Earth Hour.
* At your place of business, dim the lights and turn off all non-essential lighting, illuminated signs, and any exterior lights during Earth Hour, or during the last hour of business on Friday or Saturday.
* If you are a business that will be open during Earth Hour, have a “Don’t Be Afraid to Shop/Eat in the Dark” sale. Use minimal lighting. Have staff wear black with glow sticks or glow necklaces.
* Prior to Earth Hour, unplug computers, monitors, power strips, and other electronics and turn off printers and photocopiers.
* Register your business online as a participant at .
* Display an Earth Hour poster in your place of business (available as a download from the Earth Hour website.)
* Tell all your customers and clients about Earth Hour and encourage them to participate.
* Have your staff wear black on the Friday and/or Saturday of Earth Hour to symbolize the darkness of the lights being turned off.

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