College costs on the rise



February 11, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Tuition will increase, as will room and board rates for students at Allen County Community College in the fall.

College trustees approved at their monthly meeting Thursday a $3 increase in tuition, from $47 to $50 per credit hour, and a $50 increase, from $4,350 to $4,400, for the annual room and board fees for students who live in Horton or Winter dormitories. Rent at the Red Devil duplex apartments and Masterson Hall will increase $25, from $4,350 to $4,375. The difference in rent is reflected in meal prices, ACCC President John Masterson said.

Students in Winter and Horton may eat up to 17 meals a week. Those in Masterson Hall and the duplexes may receive up to five meals a week.

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