Counterfeiters turn to dark web for buyers


National News

February 6, 2019 - 10:46 AM

Agents seized these fake $100 bills after a shootout that ended in the death of counterfeiter Daniel Johnson in Oklahoma last May. U.S. SECRET SERVICE

SAVANNAH, Ga. — When Secret Service Agent Matthew Britsch began trawling for major counterfeiters in the shadowy marketplaces of the dark web, he acted like any smart consumer on eBay — he studied the reviews.

Britsch knew he had struck gold when he found Billmaker, the online moniker of an anonymous counterfeiter who promised a high-quality $100 bill and a money-back guarantee. He even had a loyal fan base who praised his work and customer service with scores of positive reviews.

“Very good quality and got here quick,” one gushed.

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