County seeks options for airport sewer

The county is improving infrastructure at the Allen County Regional Airport, starting with water and sewer. Commissioners learned if they want to use the City of Iola's sewer system, they'd have to agree to have the airport annexed as part of the city. They're now exploring options.



July 13, 2022 - 4:01 PM

If the Allen County Regional Airport were to tap into the City of Iola’s sewer system, the county would have to agree to allow the city to annex the property. 

County commissioners weren’t keen on the idea, so they’re going to explore other options. 

City Councilman Carl Slaugh met with commissioners on Tuesday to talk about the city’s codes regarding the sewer system. If a property owner wants to tap into the city’s sewer system, they must agree to be voluntarily annexed into the city. 

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