Crop subsidies could pay more


Local News

August 1, 2019 - 10:50 AM

Lightning strikes near a cornfield on 1300 and Lincoln Road in Iola this morning after a thunderstorm. Crops like this one will receive a Market Facilitation Program payment of $30.50 per acre in August. Additional payments are expected in November and January. REGISTER/ERIC SPRUILL

While payment amounts for the Market Facilitation Program ? a federal assistance program for farmers hurt by the current trade wars ?  were released last week for each county nationwide, it remains to be seen whether the payments will be as much as last year.

This year?s MFP has some big differences when compared to 2018. While last year?s payments for crops were based on actual bushels multiplied by specified national rates, this year?s will be based on per-acre planted.

According to Dillon Rapp, an extension agricultural economist with the Kansas Farm Management Association based in Chanute, this year?s formula avoids favoring specific crops by taking into consideration the mix of crops found within each county.

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