Easing anxieties about moving back home



July 10, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Dear Carolyn: In three years my husband and I will be empty-nesters. At that time, we plan to move back to our home state, where we’ve already invested in a house to retire to. We spend time there in the summer with family and I get to know people in town.

This sounds great, but I truly love our current town of 15 years where I’ve made many good friends and acquaintances. How do I overcome my feelings of grief at leaving my current location? How do I stop feeling angst about something good we’ve planned for many years? We planned the other location because it’s on a lake, which we anticipate will draw our kids to visit. I know having my kids leave the nest is an inevitable transition, but the added change of location has got my feathers ruffled. — Fretting the Future

Answer: Is moving your only option? Just one of many possible alternatives: Can you rent out the lake house for break-even or profit, use it yourselves only for summers/ holidays (i.e. when family would normally gather), and keep living in a smaller/less expensive place in your current town?

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