Help set a Bingo record

An event at noon on Friday will attempt to set a world record for largest Bingo game. It will be offered both in-person at the North Community Building, and virtually with players from across the nation.



October 21, 2021 - 9:55 AM


Locals have a chance to make history Friday afternoon when a group attempts to organize a world-record Bingo event. 

It’s the first test of a new partnership between Thrive Allen County and Televeda, a tech startup that aims to offer virtual community events.

Friday’s event is an attempt to set a world record for the largest Bingo game and will be available in-person and virtually.

To play in person, go to the North Community Building, 505 N. Buckeye St., at noon on Friday. The in-person event also offers prizes. RSVP to 620-365-8128.

To attend virtually, go to . 

Televeda works with community health organizations, parks and recreation departments and health systems to offer hybrid in-person and virtual activities, Shruti Gurudanti, CEO and co-founder, said. The organization is based in Phoenix, Ariz.

The goal is to prevent social isolation and loneliness, particularly in rural communities.

Gurudanti said her work is inspired by her late grandfather, who was homebound and lost touch with his social circle at the community center. She realized the devastating impact social isolation and loneliness can have on a person’s health.

“There’s a huge divide when it comes to older adults,” she said. “We’re in this hyperconnected world, so how do we access all of these amazing programs and bring it to people who need it most?”

Televeda actually began before the COVID pandemic gave rise to terms like “social distancing.” The pandemic, though, proved the value of virtual programming. It also helped force people to use technology to connect when they cannot leave their homes.

“There’s this great myth that people don’t want to adapt to technology. They say it’s difficult and get frustrated,” she said. “We’ve seen this huge change. People are coming together and finding friendships in such a meaningful way. Technology lets us do that.”

It’s also important for people to come together when they can, she said. That’s why the programs have both an in-person and virtual option.

“We wanted to highlight those options in a fun way, and what better way than to bring all generations together than playing Bingo? You can’t say ‘Bingo’ without a big smile on your face.”

FRIDAY’S Bingo game will be played by thousands of people in communities across the U.S.

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