Housing: Iola to sell lots, pay for road work

City Council members agreed to extend a new road and utilities for a housing development project, as long as the developer agrees to buy the 10 lots for $50,000. The plan is to build duplexes on the former Cedarbrook Golf Course.



January 24, 2023 - 2:44 PM

Iola City Council members will discuss Monday whether to extend streets into what will become Cedarbrook Third Addition in north Iola to accommodate construction of a series of duplex apartments. (See shaded area in the above map.) Photo by GOOGLE MAPS

Iola will sell 10 lots to a developer for $50,000 as he pursues a plan to build 10 duplexes on what used to be Cedarbrook Golf Course.

City Council members agreed Monday to a compromise of sorts with Gabe Woodman of Merak Development on the lot sales, after they’d agreed to Woodman’s first request: to extend a new road onto what had been Cedarbrook Golf Course.

Council members broke down the requests as separate matters, first tackling the road extension, projected to cost in excess of $900,000.

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