Humboldt schools eye outcomes


Local News

September 10, 2019 - 9:48 AM

About half of Humboldt High School students graduate with some college credits, HHS principal John Johnson said at Monday night’s school board meeting. And though they may not continue on to college, he considers them a success.

“I view our students that join the military or who have secured jobs directly out of high school as a success. They are setting themselves up to be productive citizens. But unless a student goes to college, or leaves school with a two-year certificate, the state doesn’t see it that way,” Johnson said. “If they get a job at Monarch or B&W out of high school, I think that is great. If they join the military, that is great. What the state views as success and what I see as success are two different things.”

Johnson was referring to the low marks the school received on the Kansas School Building Report Card. Humboldt students performed poorly on the College and Career portions of the tests. The results were released in March.

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