IHS drops hammer on behavior



April 23, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Iola school board members approved a new plan to better student behavior at the high school.
Iola High School assistant principal Joe Sample presented the board with a new point system he thinks will help reduce bad behavior.
Sample said he found himself “chasing his tail” because students knew what the consequences were for poor behavior but would do it anyway.
The point system has four levels. A Level 1 infraction gives the student one point; Level 2, three points; Level 3, five points, and Level 4, 15 points.
A student could only receive 15 points per school year.
Level 1 offenses include excessive tardiness, computer violations, insubordination and failure to serve sentence. Each of these offenses would require a student attend Friday night school, which goes from 3 to 6 p.m.
A Level 2 offense would land the student with in-school suspension, and includes vandalism to school grounds incurring less than $100 in damages, leaving the building without permission and use of tobacco.
Level 3 would include fighting, incitement and inappropriate conduct, and would place the student in out-of-school suspension.
A Level 4 infraction would be criminal violations, possession of weapons or dangerous material and assault and battery. Fifteen points would subject the student to long-term suspension or expulsion.
At the time a student receives six points, Sample will conduct a behavior intervention including a conference of administrators, student and parents, and the student’s behavior will then be monitored.
At eight points, the student would lose school privileges, such as attending school dances, school activities and field trips.
Sample used a model that was used at Gardner school district, where he previously worked.
School districts such as Anderson County use similar point systems.
Sample said he has already been conducting behavior interventions and the results are positive.
“Once I have a behavior intervention with a student they are no longer a consistent problem,” Sample said.
Good behavior will also be recognized, Sample said.
Kelly Francis, elementary coordinator, Angie Linn, curriculum director and Sample presented the positive behavior support plan.
“Instead of saying don’t run down the hall, we would say walk down the hall,” Sample said. This allows the student to understand exactly what is expected of them.
They also give class parties at the end of the week and distribute tickets for positive behavior that can be redeemed.
The positive behavior support implementation and training will be funded by Greenbush and by the recent $1.3 million grant SAFE BASE received.

BOWLUS FINE Arts Center director, Susan Raines, and band director Matt Kleopfer, approached the board for approval of band room upgrades.
Some of the upgrades, which if approved would take place over the next two summers, would include removing the permanent risers and replacing the flooring during the first summer, and upgrading acoustics, building additional storage and building an additional set of double doors in the rear wall of the room.
The Friends of the Bowlus has given $20,000 to the project. The school district would be responsible for the rest of the costs.
The approval was tabled until bids have been made and a dollar value was official.

DIRECTOR of operations, Scott Stanley, received approval on a bid from Solid State Communications to repair the high school’s intercom system.
The bid was priced at $24,714.85, which came in lower than for what they had budgeted.

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