Kansas needs better wildfire management



June 27, 2018 - 11:00 PM

In March 2016, a wildfire reached Barber and Comanche counties, resulting in the loss of 750 cattle, 11 homes and 2,700 miles of fence. It’s estimated $30 million in damage was caused within the region.

One year later, Meade, Clark and Comanche counties found their lands ablaze in fire. This one would cost one man his life, in addition to the loss of 4,000 cattle, 26 homes and 3,700 miles of fence. All told, the fire caused $50 million in damages.

This prompted a bipartisan group of legislators to request an audit of the state’s wildfire management system. Auditors were then tasked with answering one question: Is Kansas’ wildfire suppression system adequately designed and resourced to effectively suppress wildfires.

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