County gets updates on LaHarpe, veterans memorial

Thrive's Marcia Davis gave commissioners an update on a recent community conversation in LaHarpe, with Carl Slaughter spoke about improvements to the veterans memorial wall.


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April 16, 2024 - 2:27 PM

Thrive Community Engagement Director Marcia Davis gives an overview of the recent LaHarpe Community Conversation. She noted that residents listed business, housing, and communications were their top priorities. Photo by Sarah Haney / Iola Register

More business, housing and better communication were on LaHarpe residents’ minds, Marcia Davis of Thrive Allen County relayed to county commissioners of a recent community conversation hosted by Thrive.

 “One resident mentioned they’d like to see a small gas station or store,” said Davis. “Another talked about snow plowing the in-town streets and cleaning up homes and yards.” 

Commissioner Jerry Daniels pointed out that the county plows Main Street in LaHarpe and asked Davis whether the city owned a snow plow. 

“I was told they do not,” she said.

IN OTHER NEWS, Carl Slaugh spoke on behalf of the Allen County Veterans Committee, saying it is making improvements to the veterans memorial wall.

“Many of the pictures will be replaced due to fading and curling from the sun,” he noted. “We solicit new pictures from members of the community who have not had their picture displayed. 

Commissioner Bruce Symes asked whether the picture display is an ongoing thing. It is, Slaugh replied, adding the display consists of six panels, of which he updates two or three each year.

To submit a picture of a veteran, family members are asked to provide the veteran’s full name, branch of service, dates of service, brief military history, and details of life experiences.

“That’s such a nice display, I’d be interested to know what you have on there for the UV blocking on the glass,” said Symes. “Or, what it might cost to upgrade.”

The committee is also going to be putting up banners of veterans around the square on the tall light poles. The cost to display a veteran on a banner would be $110. Information pertaining to the veterans memorial wall or the banners may be sent to Slaugh at [email protected] or [email protected] or by calling (620) 228-7349. Deadline for submission will be May 20.

Public Works Director Mitch Garner told commissioners about the progress of the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) tower at the airport. It is currently being installed, but he noted that the Federal Aviation Administration has said it will be six months before they are able to certify the tower upon its completion.

Garner hopes to get it done sooner. “It will be operational, but it won’t be certified,” he added. He noted the delay is likely due to a backlog of projects.

An AWOS is a fully configurable airport weather system that provides continuous, real time information and reports. AWOS stations are mostly operated, maintained and controlled by aviation service providers.

Garner spoke briefly about a fire that took place at the landfill Friday afternoon. “It was a pretty windy day, but we didn’t have to call any fire departments,” he said. “We took care of that ourselves. We think some batteries may have started it.”

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