Iolan tackles river park cleanup

Dismayed at the condition of the gathering spot near the Neosho River bridge west of Iola, Iola Jim Smith has taken matters into his own hands. Smith has spent the past few days picking up trash, cutting up a downed tree and clearing brush near the river.


Local News

April 22, 2020 - 10:22 AM

Iolan Jim Smith cuts away at overgrown grapevines near the Neosho River west of Iola. Photo by Richard Luken

The Neosho River bridge has for years been something of an unofficial congregating area for Iolans young and old.

Fishing enthusiasts note the river on the west edge of Iola marks one of the few places in Kansas where they can legally harvest spoonbill.

Picnickers, meanwhile, enjoy the secluded views of the river, regardless of whether rains have swollen the waters to a swift roar, or if abnormally dry conditions slow the current to a trickle.

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