Vote Tuesday

Heavier than normal vote turnouts are expected in Tuesday's primary because of the constitutional amendment question on abortion that's on ballots across the state.


Local News

July 29, 2022 - 2:34 PM

Secretary of State Scott Schwab predicted 36% of registered Kansas voters would take part in Tuesday’s primary, a substantial increase from 2018, and a reflection of interest in the proposed abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution. Photo by (Tim Carpenter/Kansas Reflector)

Nearly 400 Allen Countians have cast ballots in advance of Tuesday’s primary election, a number substantially larger than past primary tallies, poll workers noted Friday.

The higher turnout likely revolves around the question asking voters to amend the state constitution regarding abortion restrictions.

A “yes” vote allows the State Legisture to pass laws to regulate abortion in Kansas. A “no” vote makes no changes to the State Constitution which restricts abortion after 22 weeks, among other things.

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