Local prosecutor accused of lying to juries in other counties

Allen County's assistant county attorney is facing a disciplinary hearing on accusations she lied to juries in Shawnee and Jackson counties for convictions in high-profile cases. Jacqie Spradling faces seven ethics violations.



December 8, 2020 - 9:42 AM


TOPEKA — The Shawnee County prosecutor handling the retrial of Dana Chandler in a double murder case says a litany of evidence used to convict Chandler in 2012 doesn’t exist.

Deputy district attorney Charles Kitt provided testimony Monday in a disciplinary hearing for his predecessor and former colleague, Jacqie Spradling. She is accused of lying to juries in Shawnee and Jackson counties to secure convictions in high-profile cases.

Spradling is now the assistant  county attorney in Allen County.

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