Mixers and mixed feelings


Local News

April 18, 2019 - 10:42 AM

Local liquor store owners have mixed feelings about a new law that allows grocery and convenience stores to sell stronger beer, while allowing liquor stores to sell more non-alcoholic products. The law took effect April 1.

Brian and Lindsey Shaughnessy, owners of O?Shaughnessy Liquor, 1211 East St., have embraced the change. They?ve remodeled the store, knocking out a wall to provide more sales space. They?re excited about bringing in new mixers for things like margaritas and blended drinks, and now sell sodas, juices and energy drinks. They set up a new display Wednesday for shot glasses, corkscrews and koozies. They?re even offering barbecue supplies and charcoal to cater to a recent influx of construction workers. 

But Susan Thompson, owner of State Street Liquor, 110 S. State St., is more cautious. Thompson said she?s waiting to gauge customer demand before adding any more non-alcoholic products. She believes it will take years to sort out the ramifications of the new law, not just its effect on customers and stores but also for vendors, taxing entities and law enforcement. 

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