Let’s make a trade deal

National News

December 11, 2019 - 10:03 AM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks next to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler as they announce articles of impeachment for President Trump during a press conference Tuesday. An hour later, Pelosi announced an agreement with Trump on a long-stalled trade deal. GETTY IMAGES/SAUL LOEB/TNS

WASHINGTON — In the span of one hour Tuesday, House Democrats moved to impeach President Donald Trump for abusing his office and simultaneously delivered his biggest legislative win of the year by agreeing to a long-stalled trade deal — a dramatic clash of two issues that will define the president’s legacy and the 2020 election.

Even for the chaotic and unpredictable Trump presidency, the contrasting events marked an odd moment as Democrats worked to advance the biggest trade pact in a generation with a chief executive they accused Tuesday of such heinous acts that he’s likely to become the third U.S. president impeached.

But the timing was likely no accident, and both sides have strong motivations for working together despite, or maybe even because of, the bitter political war over impeachment.

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