Paper, plastics and a project


Local News

May 31, 2019 - 4:07 PM

Steve Strickler, at right, shows off a load of recyclable material collected by the Iola Rotary Club during their recent paper drive.

A crowd of nearly 20 people gathered around Steve Strickler in the middle of Endurance Lift Solutions, 2702 N. State St., on a rainy Monday evening in Iola. The crowd featured several members of the Rotary Club as well as Allen County commissioners Bruce Symes, Bill King and Iola City Administrator Sid Fleming. 

The topic was recycling.

The Rotary Club has long run the paper drive — they collect cardboard boxes and paper once every two months — and have it hauled away to be recycled. With the help of Strickler, the plan has evolved to include nearly everything recyclable. 

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