Planetary alignment will bring a ‘Christmas Star’

Scholars suggest the Christmas Star leading the wise men was a conjunction of two or three planets in the night sky. On Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear very close together and form a bright celestial event.



December 14, 2020 - 9:58 AM

A star map of the night sky as seen on Dec. 21, 2020, shows the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter that will create a bright "Christmas star" on the southwest horizon.

By now you may have been seeing articles about the “Christmas Star” that will be visible on the evening of Dec. 21. 

Some reports are saying this will be the same star the Three Wise Men followed. Some scholars suggest the Christmas Star was not a bright new star that was leading the wise men but rather a conjunction of two or three planets in the night sky and that the Wise Men were following, or watching.

A planetary conjunction is when two or more planets seem to align, or come together, in the night sky. While the planets are still millions of miles away from each other during a planetary conjunction they will appear close together in the sky. On the 21st of December Jupiter and Saturn will be very close together, and that is what people are calling the Christmas Star of 2020.

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