Quite a reunion


Local News

August 2, 2019 - 5:25 PM

Elle Dominquez, of Moran, a volunteer for the Allen County Regional Hospital Auxiliary, left, hugs Teresa Foster, team supervisor for the American Red Cross, at a blood drive last month at ACRH. Dominquez cared for Foster 43 years ago, when she was a 14-year-old patient at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, Calif. They reunited at a blood drive last year.

The woman?s face looked so familiar. Teresa Foster searched her memory, trying to place where she might have seen the hospital volunteer before.

Teresa had lived all over the world, so she could have seen the woman anywhere. But she reckoned it was closer to home since she had lived in the Wichita area since 1985. She now travels the state as a team supervisor for the American Red Cross.

As part of her job, Teresa was conducting a blood drive in March 2018 at Allen County Regional Hospital, the first blood drive in a new partnership between the Red Cross and ACRH. Everyone wanted it to go well.

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