Russell Stover gears up for candy season



January 26, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while greater public is focusing on what to get that special someone, those at Russell Stover are already thinking about Easter.
“We try to make (the candy) as late as we can so it is the fresh when people buy them,” said Angela Ellsworth, Russell Stover vice president of retail store operations.
By the time Easter arrives March 31, 85 million chocolate bunnies will be sold by the candy maker.
Some Easter-themed candy already has found its way onto shelves at area retailers, including Walmart.
Ellsworth also noted Valentine’s Day candies remain in production to ensure the freshest product.
Most red-blooded American’s gear up each year to buy candies for their special valentine. The most popular selections are the heart-boxed candies.
Each year more than 189 million piece of candy are made at Russell Stover for Valentine’s Day — the largest single manufacturer of candy coming in heart-shaped boxes.
If candy remains after Valentine’s Day, the leftovers are sold at discounted prices at Russell Stover retail stores, including the one in Iola.
While each piece of candy has a “best before” date on its package, the confections typically remain fresh for weeks afterward.
The type of candy determines on its shelf life. Solid chocolate last longer than caramel-filled pieces, for example.
Coincidentally, the day dedicated to flowers candy isn’t the highest selling day for Russell Stover. Christmas beats Valentine’s Day followed by Easter. Halloween is the fourth-busiest time of year.

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