Shop opens to help animal rescue



November 17, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Second Chance, which reflects the animals it benefits at Allen County Animal Rescue Facility, is offering a variety of items in its new store at 102 E. Jackson on the northeast corner of the Iola square.
Glenda Helton, ACARF volunteer, came up with the idea for Second Chance, a re-gifting store with gently used items in workable condition.
“We wanted a booth at a local flea market but since we’re a nonprofit organization we couldn’t rent the space. With the store we are able to give all our proceeds to the shelter,” Helton said.
The shelves are stocked with holiday decorations, pots, pans, crystal, a metal detector and computer equipment. The store does not accept donations of clothing or shoes.
“We don’t want to compete with the Senior Center. They have been good to ACARF and we don’t want to take business away from them,” Helton said.
Much of the inside of the store has been redecorated by Jim Smith, ACARF volunteer.
Jeff Heinrich, owner of the building, has donated the space for Second Chance. The room to the north holds items for sale by Heinrich which include glassware, hardware, tools, collectibles, children’s toys and electrical and plumbing supplies.
“We are two entirely different stores, however, anyone wanting to purchase items from Heinrich’s store will be assisted by ACARF volunteers,” Helton said.
Only the proceeds from Second Chance will be given to ACARF.
“We are asking residents to think of Second Chance when shopping for holiday gifts. Please help the animals at ACARF. Right now there are 112 cats and dogs at the shelter looking for their second chance home,” said Judy Laver, ACARF volunteer.
“Many people have items that have been tucked away in a basement, attic or garage because they are no longer used but are still in good shape. These things are what we need to fill our shelves to help the animals,” Helton said.
Donations will be accepted from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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