Kansans share COVID concerns

Kansans sounded off on everything from their person well-being to concerns about the economy, when asked about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Responses also mirror the growing partisan split between Republicans and Democrats.

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State News

June 10, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Photo by Celia Llopis Jepsen / Kansas News Service / kcur.org

LAWRENCE — A full two-thirds of Kansans say they don’t personally know someone who’s been infected with the coronavirus.

Yet an overwhelming number of respondents to a survey say the pandemic remade their lives, mostly for the worse.

They talk of worry, boredom. It has cost most of them money. In a time of one-way grocery aisles and when you need to wear a mask to go into a bank, they speak of a future that has hardly ever looked so gloomily foggy.

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