Kelly signs tax cut bundle

“We have the opportunity to help Kansans who are feeling the impact of pandemic-induced inflation,” Kelly said. With the largest budget surplus in decades, we can do both — provide property tax relief and finally eliminate the state sales tax on food.”


State News

April 15, 2022 - 2:12 PM

TOPEKA — A Kansas bill signed into law Thursday spans the gamut of tax policy, packaging more than two dozen measures amending property, sales and income tax laws.

The massive House Bill 2239, backed by the Legislature and Gov. Laura Kelly, included provisions from 29 different bills cutting taxes and will hack nearly $91 million from state tax revenue in the first year. The largest cost is the taxpayer-assessed 20 mill levy toward supporting K-12 public education.

In approving the changes to state tax laws, Kelly said she felt the opportunity to provide relief for Kansans was now, while the state experiences its first budget surplus in decades.

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