Pandemic backlash hits home

Linn County's public health administrator says she was targeted for efforts to keep her county safe. Her mother, a former Moran resident who has several relatives in Allen County, had COVID-19 and died Sunday.


State News

December 16, 2020 - 9:53 AM

Nina Worthington, formerly of Moran, contracted COVID-19 and died Sunday. Her daughter is the public health administrator in Linn County and said she’s been vilified for efforts to keep her county safe. Courtesy photo

Tisha Coleman has lived in close-knit Linn County, Kansas, for 42 years and never felt so alone.

As the public health administrator, she’s struggled every day of the coronavirus pandemic to keep her rural county along the Missouri border safe. In return, she’s been harassed, sued, vilified — and called a “sheep.”

The months of fighting over masks and quarantines were already wearing her down. Then she got COVID-19, likely from her husband, who refused to require masks at the family hardware store. Her mother got it, too, and died Sunday.

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