Robot will keep weeds out of crops

Kansas farmer Clint Bauer struggled to keep weeds out of his row crops without chemicals, so he invented a robot to do it for him.


State News

July 9, 2021 - 3:15 PM

CHENEY, Kan. (AP) — For years, Kansas farmer Clint Bauer has struggled with keeping weeds out of his row crops. Along with keeping living roots in the ground, organic practices and no-till methods, he tried crimping — but the pigweeds just grew taller. 

Three years ago, Bauer, an ex-California-based executive who farms in Haven and Cheney, decided to implement a wild plan, using robots to behead weeds. 

“I realized there was no great way to get the weeds out at scale without chemicals,” Bauer said. “I needed to invent one.”

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