Study focuses on bird species in northeast Oklahoma

State News

September 17, 2019 - 10:15 AM

PICHER, Okla. (AP) — Birds are more than just winged messengers that can carry a tune or soar through the sky — bird species also can act as indicators of environmental health.

The feathered creatures are useful in determining overall changes in environmental conditions and habitat quality. This is why they’re the primary focus of a study analyzing different species of birds living around the Tar Creek Superfund site in Northeast Oklahoma.

The goal is to find out how large-scale changes in habitat resulting from remediation efforts and environmental cleanup can affect bird communities over time. Christine Brodsky, an assistant professor of biology at Pittsburg State University, and her graduate biology students and student volunteers have teamed up with tribal officials with the Quapaw Nation Environmental Department for the past three years to study the long-term effects the changing landscape has on different bird species, the Joplin Globe reported.

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