Trip home from China includes wedding vows

Moran native Molly McEwan has been living and teaching in China for several years, including through the pandemic. She was finally able to come home for a visit over the summer and got married.



March 18, 2022 - 1:01 AM

Molly McEwan, a native of Moran, and Tyson Carpenter of Dodge City were married this summer, returning to the U.S. for a visit while living in China and working as teachers. Photo by COURTESY OF PHOTOGRAPHER SKYLER LIVINGSTON OF WINFIELD

The past two years have been “a bit of a whirlwind” for Moran native Molly McEwan.

She experienced the COVID-19 pandemic earlier than her friends and family in Allen County, as she was living and working in China when the virus first emerged.

She and her then-fiance, Tyson Carpenter, both went into quarantine and started teaching remotely long before the rest of the world were forced to do the same. Molly shared her experiences with the Register several times during the pandemic.

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