Volunteerism helps feed fitness craze for Allen Countians



April 24, 2018 - 11:00 PM

MORAN — Volunteers Larry Ross and Nelda Cuppy expected they’d see plenty of people working out when Moran’s 54 Fitness center opened last year. But neither expected to see so many of their neighbors by their side, helping to renovate a former filling station turned steakhouse turned workout center.

They scrubbed floor tiles caked with dirt. They caulked windows and repointed the outdoor brick wall. They built and painted walls and hung doors. They set up fitness equipment. When work needed to be done, a volunteer could be found to do it.

“I think everyone is willing to help but sometimes they don’t think about it,” Ross said. “It takes someone else to say, ‘Would you like to join me to make this community better.’”

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