Russia uses hypersonic weapons as war enters bloodier phase

With Putin's ground forces getting bogged down, he's resorting to more lethal warfare that will result in even more civilian deaths.


World News

March 20, 2022 - 8:32 PM

Ukrainian soldiers carry a dead soldier through debris at the military school hit by Russian rockets the day before, in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, on Saturday, March 19, 2022. (Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images/TNS) EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content

Russia’s use of hypersonic missiles against Ukraine appears to mark a shift in strategy in response to its losses on the battlefield, one that may signal a new phase of the war while serving to show the world its abundant firepower.

Western military analysts point to President Vladimir Putin’s ground campaign getting bogged down, with Russian troops failing to achieve their initial objectives and underestimating the scale of Ukraine’s resistance.

They say the result is likely to be increased use of artillery bombardments, causing even more civilian casualties.

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