WHO: COVID boosters needed for the vulnerable

Coronavirus vaccine boosters should be offered to the most vulnerable first, an acknowledgment that the vaccine supply is improving globally.


World News

January 21, 2022 - 3:31 PM

A pharmacy in Grand Central Terminal advertises the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 9, 2021 in New York City. Photo by (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/TNS)

GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says that coronavirus vaccine boosters should now now be offered to people, starting with the most vulnerable, in a move away from its previous insistence that boosters were unnecessary for healthy adults and an acknowledgment that the vaccine supply is improving globally.

At a press briefing on Friday, the U.N. health agency said it was now recommending booster doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, beginning in the highest-priority groups, about four to six months after receiving the first two doses, in line with guidance from dozens of countries that embarked upon booster programs months ago. 

Last year, WHO pleaded with rich countries to declare a moratorium on offering booster doses until the end of 2021, an appeal that went almost entirely ignored.

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