Best way forward is to enjoy the moment



May 24, 2019 - 4:51 PM

The pursuit of happiness. Is that even a real thing in America today? When Thomas Jefferson wrote those words, I wonder if how we live is what he had in mind. Currently, many people are living their lives in the pursuit of things.

But there is a wave of people who are shunning that way of life and are endeavoring to have a way of life that lets them enjoy living. Their lives are focused on the very task in front of them. They are not living by a list of things to do and to buy and bills to pay. They are watching the sunrise while they sip a cup of coffee made on a pot-belly stove. They are looking out the window and watching the chickens scratch around and the clouds passing by while they wash their dishes in a sink filled with water that they heated on the same pot-bellied stove. 

Each task that makes up a day has two purposes. One is to provide the basic necessities of living: food, shelter, heat, clothing. The second purpose of each task is to bring the person into that very moment. To be totally present and focused. Once a person learns this way of being, it changes your life. A day can still be filled with a million things to do, but each one is the only important one.

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