Chief Justice Nuss deserves our thanks



December 18, 2019 - 10:47 AM

Chief Justice Lawton Nuss, far right, stepped down last week from the Kansas Supreme Court. At left, is Justice Eric Rosen. Marla Luckert, center, became Chief Justice at a ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss left a mark. Not just in his 17 years on the high court, the 17,000 cases he helped decide and the 300 decisions he wrote. No, Nuss also set an example for Kansans over a time of shifting political winds and extreme rhetoric. He was dedicated, consistent and featured a delightfully shifting array of facial hair.

His words to judicial branch employees last week exemplify the kind of justice he was. “You have asked so little of me as your chief justice,” Nuss told them, “but I have asked so much of you, and you have delivered time and time again and made me look so good in the process. I am grateful, so grateful, for your support.”

Kansas was lucky to have Nuss at the helm, and his plans for the future — helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder — exemplifies his dedication to service.

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