Eliminating food sales tax is crucial for our elderly

When you are retired, it’s tough to increase your income. Annual cost-of-living adjustments — when they happen at all — don’t keep up with the rising costs of prescription drugs, utilities and other consumer goods.



April 12, 2022 - 3:23 PM

The Marmaton Market in Moran. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

Kansas lawmakers should not miss this historic opportunity to eliminate the state sales tax on food.

This change would improve the lives of virtually all Kansas families and would be especially meaningful to the 280,000 AARP members in Kansas, their families, and all older adults in our state. That’s why AARP Kansas is calling on our state lawmakers to make eliminating the state sales tax on food a reality once and for all.

Kansas is one of only 13 states that still tax food. In 2020, there were 65,000 Kansans ages 50 and older who were food insecure according to research from the AARP Public Policy Institute. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of older Americans struggling with hunger rose sharply. Our state’s existing tax on food surely exacerbates this insecurity.

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