Idea for park a long time coming

For the last 40 years Iola Industries has leased the lake to the Elks for $1 a year. The arrangement was never intended to be in perpetuity, rather it was a matter of convenience for both parties until a more beneficial use of the property was determined.



February 15, 2023 - 2:52 PM

Iola Industries leadership includes, from left, John McRae, president, Mary Kay Heard, chairman of the board, and John Masterson, vice president. SUSAN LYNN/REGISTER

On behalf of Iola Industries, I would like to thank the City of Iola for their support of the project we have proposed to the Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Kansas legislature.

I would also like to address some of the issues that have been raised by members of the community.  

Iola Industries is in fact chartered as a for profit corporation. Having clarified that, I must also say that we have never declared a dividend nor hired an employee to my knowledge.  

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March 14, 2023
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