Journalists fill an important role in telling America’s story

Social media delivers Americans some credible, vetted journalism, but it’s mixed in with a bewildering flood of friends’ photos, personal opinion, propaganda disguised as news, and wacky conspiracy theories. 



October 6, 2020 - 10:05 AM

A look at winners of the Pulitzer Prize in the past two years underscores why America needs journalists.

It’s not just nationally recognized media giants pursuing stories around the globe that win journalism’s most prestigious honor. It’s news staffs that are digging out stories about abuses harming people in their local communities.

Carol Hunter,
The Des Moines Register.

This year, the Anchorage, Alaska, Daily News, with contributions from ProPublica, won the Pulitzer for public service “for a riveting series that revealed a third of Alaska’s villages had no police protection … and spurred an influx of money and legislative changes.”

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