Kansas legislators agree to debate Medicaid expansion; it’s a game-changer

After four years of ignoring the public's overwhelming support, Republicans will see that it's at least discussed



March 15, 2024 - 5:01 PM

Kansans attended a March 6, 2024 rally to urge lawmakers to hear a Medicaid expansion proposal. On Wednesday, March 20, the Senate and House will hold hearings.(Rachel Mipro/Kansas Reflector)

For the first time in four years, Kansas Republicans have agreed to hold legislative hearings on whether to expand Medicaid, the health insurance program for the indigent, elderly and disabled. They are scheduled for Wednesday.

Despite overwhelming public support of KanCare, its more familiar name, Republicans have refused to debate the measure. Their typical lines of defense have been that the joint program between the states and the federal government is tenuous and that states will be left holding the funding bag.

After 10 years, that has not happened. In fact, it’s federal law that Congress meets its obligation.

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