Let’s keep Damar Hamlin’s injury out of the culture wars

Most of the news has been about his ongoing recovery, which is very good indeed. Let's keep it there.



January 10, 2023 - 4:08 PM

Fans hold up signs in support of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during the first half of an NFL football game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, in Orchard Park, N.Y. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)

It says something — and not something good — about the times we live in, as people try to stretch Damar Hamlin’s life-threatening football injury to fit their polarizing political agendas. 

If you consume any sort of news or sports at all, then you know about Hamlin, a defensive back for the Buffalo Bills, who suffered an episode of cardiac arrest on the field and national television a week ago, after making a tackle in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Most of the news of the past week has been about his ongoing recovery — he’s awake, alert, regained the ability to breathe on his own and can communicate with the world outside his hospital room. Which is very good news indeed. 

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