New energy crucial to a town’s survival

Young restaurateurs in Pittsburg prove flexibility is critical to surviving a global pandemic and are grateful for community's support.



September 30, 2020 - 10:27 AM

Heather and Roger Horton have had to think on their feet as new restaurateurs to survive the global pandemic. “We still have work to do as far as opening minds,” Heather said in terms of their menu. Photo by Heather Horton

Heather Horton has a few pandemic messages for her fellow Kansans.

“Don’t give up. Take each day as it comes,” she says, which is good advice in any situation. But also: “Think about the people, not the profit margin, because that’s what matters in the end.”

Horton and her husband, Roger, co-own two small businesses in Pittsburg. They opened Sweet Designs Cakery, where they bake party-type desserts, in 2009. A block away is Toast, which they opened last October, with a concept that was unusual for Pittsburg.

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